Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Funny Happy New Year Quotes And Sayings 2019

New Year is the most popular event in the world. People send many wishes and also send "Funny Happy New Year Quotes". 1st of January is the day which is called New Year Day. In this day, people arrange many function and festivals. This day gives a lot of enjoyments and hopes for the people. In this article, we have discussed many of  "Funny Happy New Year Quotes" that are all related to New Year and you can also visit happy Monday images.

  • Cheers to those who will celebrate "New Year" as a single.   
  • If you are born in New Year night then You are the father of idiots.
  • New Year, No I want to sleep sometime more in last year.
  • New Year, New events and New girlfriends.
  • After the New Year day, Its look like the last year.
  • New years resolution, last year needs to get in shape for spring, this year need to get in shape for airport screening.
  • In the gym, I ask a girl what her New Year Resolution is. she said, "fuck you". I am quite pretty.
  • In New Year there is a quick start for eating and boozing.
  • Leaves all the sorrows, pain and sadness. Let's celebrate the New Year.
  • What you will do in Next Year, I want to start with sleeping.
  • This year may I wish you how to use smartphones.
  • Be More awesome from the last year.

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  • Learn from sleep, live for enjoyments and hope for New Year.
  • Where are you going, I am going to hell for celebrating New year.
  • 1 million of the book are blacked only due to one line "An Idea can change lives".
  • Can you celebrate my birthday this new year, No I will celebrate this new year with my mother.
  • The new year without a wife, fuck off!!!!
  • Everything is funny as long as it's happening to somebody else.
  • Behind every successful man, a woman is rolling her eyes.
  • People who are born in New Year night they are called Zombies.
  • I dislike New Year because I have to shift my whole work into New Year.
  • Don't give up on your dreams.
  • Your weight loses wish to be fulfilled in New Year.
  • I sincerely wish to overcome a fear of lizard this year.
  • I wish that finally, you will ride the car without any accident.

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